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Wood Filler (Paste diluted with water)

Easy to apply, solid filler for repairing of defects and damage in the interior wood. For repairing Holes, Joints, scuffs, dents, cracks, depressions and grooves in the wood. Good for Furniture doors, flooring, decking, paneling, beams, CLOU ®Wood Filler repair's sanded, planed, filed, sawn, drilled, stained and varnished. All colors can be mixed together.

Available in 250gr and 1.25 Kg

Pre-treatment and repair products

Repair Wax

Light stable, ready to use, fast, and easy to work, for small wood damage such as scratches, nicks, cracks, nail holes. for all varnished, stained, oiled or lacquered wood, furniture, doors, panels and plastic surfaces indoors. Kitt use only after etching. The cement can be processed lukewarm at best. Shades can be mixed together. Wachskitt can be coated with CLOU ® coatings.

Other available colours : Walnut, Med.Walnet, Dark Walnut, Med.Limba, Natural Oak, Light Oak, Mahogany, Rose-wood, Teak....

Retouching Marker

For varnished wooden surfaces, indoors for transparent Retouching easier surface damage, such as on furniture, doors or wall panels, with loop-through Veneers, repaired veneer points, Blending sapwood of solid wood or light Transport damage to furniture. Light-fast, fast and drying with excellent adhesion. Also in the edge region usable.

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Paint Stripper

Stripper slowly based volatile organic Solvent. For pore-deep removal of old paint on wood, engineered wood, concrete, stone, plaster, GFKMaterial or metals. Also removes 2K coatings and Emulsion paints.

A product range tailored to the needs

of the woodworking industry


Furniture Polish

Deep action, removes flecks, scratches, water and alcohol marks as well as grey areas from painted and oiled wood surfaces.  For dark and light wood.

Available sizes:  150ml and 1 L

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