A product range tailored to the needs

of the woodworking industry

CLOU Bonding Agent No. 18715


For indoor coating on difficult substrates, partly combined with coatings on wood or wood composite objects (e.g.steel or aluminium table legs).

Suitable for foil or melamine laminated chipboards as well

as metals such as aluminium, steel, galvanised steel,

copper and brass. Not suitable for polyethylene and

polypropylene (PE/PP) or related synthetic materials.

Technical Data

Ring-safe concentrate

If ring-proof properties are desired, use ring-proof concentrate

or lacquer with CLOUCRYL Lacquers

Technical data

CLOU UV-Absorber 4471

Low viscosity, solvent-based, very effective light stabilizers with UV absorbers. UV Absorber brakes reduce harmful ultraviolet rays (sunlight or daylight) and thus prevent premature yellowing. Especially when processing light or bleached Woods is the admixture recommended.

Technical data

Colouring Tincture

For coloring CLOUCRYL Clear Lacquers

Available colours :

Alder, Mahogany, Med. Oak, Med. Walnut, and Teak

Technical Data

Glass Lacquer Activator

A Low viscosity special additive which ensures good adhesion with various

CLOUCRYL varnishes on glass makes quick, simple and economical coating possible.

Technical Data

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